Pedestrians warned against use of mobile phones while crossing roads

Authorities urged pedestrians to abide by the traffic law preventing them from crossing roads in undesignated areas to avoid being fined.
The Abu Dhabi Police have warned pedestrians against the use of mobile phones while crossing roads to avoid accidents.

Authorities from the Traffic and Patrols Directorate said it is dangerous for pedestrians to chat or text messages on their mobile phones while crossing the road as it often leads to distracted walking and run-over accidents that cause deaths and severe injuries.

Through their social media sites including Twitter and Instagram, the Abu Dhabi Police have issued several messages warning residents about the seriousness of this habit, common among many phone users.

"Pedestrians who use their mobile phones while walking or crossing roads pose a danger to themselves and other road users, because their attention is taken by what they are doing and they tend to forget about the traffic around them," said Jamal Al Ameri from the traffic police department. 

"Social media era has led to increased number of people using their mobile phones while walking on internal roads in the city and crossing roads which is very risky. People should refrain from the use of mobile phones while crossing roads or even walking on the roads in the city to avoid the risk of being hit by cars," said police. 

Authorities also urged pedestrians to always abide by the traffic law preventing them from crossing roads in undesignated areas for their safety and to avoid being fined. 

Under the new amendment to the federal traffic law which came into effect in July 2017, the fine for jaywalking was increased from Dh200 to Dh400. Pedestrians' not complying with traffic lights while crossing roads also attracts a fine of Dh400.

Al Ameri noted that this traffic law and fines are very important because it contributes to raising the safety index on the roads on part of pedestrians and drivers. 

The Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate has organised a series of comprehensive educational activities to encourage pedestrians to cross at the designated crossing zones and to put away their phones and pay attention. Messages were issued on social media and guidance brochures were distributed to acquaint pedestrians about the dangers of undesignated crossings.


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